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Our Practice

At Thornhill Dental, we are proud to offer a modern and relaxed environment for you to experience the very best dental health care. All our treatment rooms, facilities and procedures meet with required industry standards set by the Care Quality Commission so you know that your health and safety is assured.

We are pleased to be able to provide you with contemporary, comfortable treatment rooms which are fitted with the very latest in dental technology and equipment. Our treatment rooms are all fitted with patient display screens so that the dentist can explain dental diagnosis and treatments using a state of the art intra-oral camera. Our practice is also equipped with digital x-ray equipment so your x-ray are available to view within minutes and can be examined in great detail with specialised computer software for accurate and fast diagnosis. All our treatment rooms and reception areas are air conditioned for your comfort.

Our practice is fully computerised so your dental records and personal information is stored safely and securely. We offer a complimentary appointment reminder and recall service via email for your convenience. Or if you prefer, we can send reminders by SMS.

Our bespoke dental health maintenance plans are designed to help you maintain excellent dental health and represent excellent value for money.

bda Thornhill Dental has been awarded silver membership to the British Dental Association Good Practice Scheme for over 7 years continuous membership. The BDA Good Practice Scheme is the UK’s leading dental quality assurance scheme and not only shows our compliance with national standards but demonstrates our commitment to providing you with best practice care in all aspects of our service. For more information, please visit the BDA Good Practice webpage.

Thornhill Dental is also proud to be a club partner of Huddersfield Town FC.

Mission Statement

Our aim is good dental health for you and your family through preventive dentistry. That means giving you regular dental advice and helping you understand how to care for your teeth yourself to reduce the need for dental treatment.

Your Health, Our Priority

At Thornhill Dental we go to great lengths to ensure that your visit is both satisfying and safe. We are continuously updating and upgrading our equipment and facilities and improving our operational protocols to ensure this.

Our practice is fully compliant with all Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulations and we are proud to be a certified as a British Dental Association (BDA) Good Practice Member. This shows our commitment to achieving the highest standards of good practice in all aspects of our service and care.

Our practice includes a state of the art decontamination facility which includes the latest technology in sterilisation equipment and rigid decontamination protocols which ensure that we provide the cleanest clinical environment. We regularly service and maintain all our equipment for optimum safety and to eliminate the risk of cross infection.

All our staff are regularly trained to handle medical emergencies. While medical emergencies as a result of dental treatment are extremely rare, we pride ourselves on having full CPR and first aid training for your safety.

Our Care Coordinators

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Our Care Process

At Thornhill Dental a care coordinator is an integral part of Team TD and will serve as your dedicated point of contact during your dental journey at Thornhill Dental. Care coordinators are committed to assisting you with any inquiries regarding your treatments and offering unwavering support throughout the entire process.

Outlined below are several compelling reasons highlighting the significance of our care coordinators:

Treatment Understanding: Patients often have questions and concerns about their dental treatments. A care coordinator helps explain treatment options, procedures, and post-treatment care, ensuring that patients are well-informed and can make educated decisions about their oral health.

Smooth Workflow: We understand that coordinating appointments, treatments, and consultations can be complex and sometimes confusing. A dedicated care coordinator streamlines this process, ensuring efficient scheduling and reducing waiting times for our valued patients. This contributes to a smoother workflow for both patients and the dental team.

Personalised Support: Every patient’s dental needs and concerns are unique. A coordinator provides personalised support, addressing specific questions and alleviating anxieties, which can lead to a more positive patient experience.

Treatment Plan Continuity: A care coordinator helps ensure that treatment plans are carried out as intended, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication, or missed steps in the process.

Relationship Building: Developing a rapport with patients fosters trust and loyalty. The coordinator’s consistent presence and personalised care contribute to building strong patient-practice relationships.

In summary, a care coordinator plays a vital role in improving patient care, communication, and practice efficiency. They contribute to a positive patient experience, streamlined workflows, and effective collaboration among the dental team, ultimately benefiting both patients and the practice itself.

The Process

The main goal of our care coordinators is to make your experience as smooth and comfortable as possible, from your initial consultation to the completion of your treatment. They serve as a supportive link between you and Thornhill Dental, helping to streamline communication, appointments, and your overall treatment experience.

This may typically involve:

  • Free consultation appointment booked (via our reception team).
  • At the consultation appointment, a care coordinator will discuss your dental history/concerns and goals for your smile with potential treatment solutions.
  • An appointment will be booked with a dentist based on the type of treatment you require.
  • Following your appointment with the dentist you can either proceed straight to treatment or have a in depth options meeting with your care coordinator for further discussion including finance options, expected outcomes and associated costs.
  • A care coordinator will schedule the necessary appointments which best suit your availability.
  • Your care coordinator will be your point of contact and will offer follow up to help answer any queries which may arise.
  • Your care coordinator will hold your end of treatment celebration appointment to ensure you are happy with all dental results, address any post treatment care instructions and take where necessary any final photos.