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White Dental Beauty

Why do teeth discolour?

It is very common for people to be concerned about the appearance of their teeth. We most regularly get asked how we can help whiten discoloured teeth. Teeth get discoloured as a result of:


  • Aging – As we get older our enamel thins thus allowing the darker pigment of the dentine to show through more.
  • Tobacco – is one of the most common reasons for discoloured teeth, the tar released whilst smoking can build up causing heavy discolouration and staining.
  • Food and drink – Some food and drink contain staining agents such as tea, coffee, red wine and curry. Consumed in high amounts can cause considerable discolouration.
  • Medication – some medicines like Tetracycline have resulted in intrinsic staining (deep internal staining) which is very hard to remove and looks like grey banding across the teeth.
  • Fluorosis – this is due to excessive exposure to high levels of fluoride early in life, like over consumption of toothpaste or ingestion of too much fluoride in water. Fluorosis affects the enamel, which means the white or brown spots sit permanently on the surface of the teeth. They cannot be removed by brushing or polishing the teeth.

WDB H.Res LogoAbout White Dental Beauty

Getting that white celebrity smile you’re used to seeing in the flossy magazines is easier than you think. The secret is in White Dental Beauty professional gels. Available only through dentists, White Dental Beauty tooth whitening is effective, long lasting and totally safe. A healthy, white, terrific smile is an important social asset and White Dental Beauty is one of the best ways to achieve that beautiful smile you’ve always dreamt of.

White Dental Beauty gels are carefully formulated to maintain a neutral pH, contain water to avoid dehydration on the teeth and include a desensitising agent to help eliminate sensitivity during recommended treatments. They are gently flavoured with a pleasant mint taste which leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

The process

White Dental Beauty is a professional home whitening treatment. Your dentist will provide you with everything you need to be able to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Assessment – your dentist will check your teeth are suitable for White Dental Beauty and give you an indication of what results you may achieve.

Impressions – your dentist will take precise and accurate moulds of your teeth using soft impression material. This may be done at the same visit as the assessment or may be done on a separate visit.

Whitening trays created – your dentist will send the impressions to our highly skilled and experienced laboratory to create your bespoke whitening trays. This takes up to one week.

– your dentist will show you how to safely take your trays in and out of your mouth and how to look after your trays. Your dentist will also provide you with your White Dental Beauty gels and demonstrate how to correctly apply it to the trays and administer the treatment.

Home treatment – you will administer the treatment at home as per your dentists instructions.

Follow up – each time you come for your routine dental health check, your dentist will check on the progress of your whitening treatment. If you have any questions or concerns before that, you are welcome to return for a free aftercare appointment.


How long will it take to whiten my teeth?

White Dental Beauty contains NOVON which is a new whitening compound which enhances the release of perhydroxyl ions in the teeth for a faster whitening effect than other products. Typical wear times are 30 – 90 minutes compared with wearing overnight with other products. Optimum whiteness is typically achieved in 2 weeks of wearing each day.

How long will my teeth stay white for?

It depends on lifestyle factors such as the food and drink you consume but the whiteness will typically last a couple of years. You can easily maintain the whiteness of your teeth using your existing whitening trays and any remaining gel you have from your initial treatment. You can purchase additional kits directly from us if you have ran out.

Does the treatment hurt?

Not at all. Your custom made whitening trays fit perfectly to your teeth and are extremely thin and are very comfortable to wear. In some rare cases, patients may experience some mild tooth sensitivity toothpaste which we can provide.

Can anyone have teeth whitening?

We offer a free assessment to check that you are suitable for White Dental Beauty. Your dentist will advise you if there is any reason why the treatment is not appropriate for you.; White Dental Beauty only works on natural tooth and will not whiten any fillings, crowns or bridges. By law, we may only provide White Dental Beauty to persons aged 18 and over.

I sometimes see beauticians offering teeth whitening or stalls at shopping centres, should I just go there?

Only a qualified dentist can make sure you are not putting the health of your teeth at risk by ensuring your mouth is healthy before you start treatment. It is illegal for anyone apart from GDC registered dental professionals to sell or apply peroxide whitening treatments. At our practice we are all fully trained and insured to make sure we deliver your treatment in a safe and trustworthy environment.



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